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Blank Comic Strip

Today your task is to redraft and publish your comic strip. Included is a blank comic strip to help you. Remember best drawings and best handwriting.  Check your spellings using a dictionary and read through your draft and think about any word choices or sentences you could improve and then KAPOW! A finished comic. Now! go and catch that dastardly villain.


You have been learning ten words form your year three word list this week. I would like you to ask your helper to test you on them: They can read them to you and you see If you can spell them correctly. If you get any wrong have a go at spelling that word three times. Good luck! 

Carrie's War

Some questions for you about chapter 8.

Why does Carrie have mixed feelings about moving to Scotland?

What do you think is in the envelope?


Today we are going to follow the White Rose and BBC Bite size challenge. There are a couple of videos and quizzes on the website. Please use the link below.


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