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Think about the different characters in the paintings. Which character would you swap with and why? You can re-watch the video if you need to remind yourself. 

Your task is to explain which character you would swap with and why. Then write at least 5 sentences describing what you would do as that character. Remember to use your full stops and capital letters and really concentrate on your nice neat handwriting. laugh


Today we are going to look at telling the time. I know you have been doing this with Mrs Knight on Mondays but it's such an important skill we need to practice it lots and lots laughyes

o'clock and half past


Can you create your own E-Safety poster to teach other people about staying safe online? It needs to be bright and colourful to attract people's attention but also include facts to help people learn! There are some examples below to give you ideas.

I would love to see what you create smileyyes

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We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30