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*Remember if you were in school this week you need to do the lesson from yesterday instead. You can then do this lesson on Monday if you want to*


Your task today is to 'publish' your very own Katie story. You could make it into a book, complete with beautiful illustrations (drawings) or maybe even type it up? I would love to see what you've written laughyes


We are learning about time again today laugh

Durations of time

Just For Fun

Here is a transition activity for you to have a go at. It's time for you to think of your favourite things from this year. My favourite topic this year was the Great Fire of London. I loved our trip to Anne of Cleaves house. Especially when we got to dress up! I also liked our 'Save Our Seas' project. You made such fantastic leaflets to help protect our oceans, and I remember being so impressed with your knowledge. I also really enjoyed our Christmas performance. You all did so well with your singing and sign language! I would love to hear what your favourite things were.laugh

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