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Video lesson: 9 times-table and division facts

Here is today's Maths worksheet...

And here are the answers to yesterday's worksheet!


Now you have had a go at planning and writing the build-up to your story, can you have a go at planning the problem of your story? The story goes...


In a dark corner by the tree, Clara could just make out tiny lights glowing.

Puzzled, she looked closer - and then gasped when she realised that she was looking at dozens of pairs of beady eyes, peeping through the gloom. They belonged to an army of mice - huge mice, growing before her eyes, until they were bigger than rats, bigger than cats, even, and growing still more!

With a great rustling and creaking, the Christmas tree seemed to grow bigger until the whole room became a snowy forest.

The mice, led by their fearsome Mouse King, began to advance, their eyes glowing like the dying embers of the fire. They surrounded the Christmas tree, intent on stealing the presents piled under its branches. But then came a rallying call from George's tin trumpet, and Freddie's toy soldiers rose up as one. The little wooden horse rolled forward, hauling the cannon into place, and the soldiers set to, loading it with sugared almonds. Together they advanced on the mouse army, with muskets and rattling sabres.

Suddenly, to Clara's astonishment, the Nutcracker was by her side. The Nutcracker drew his sword and challenged the Mouse King! They fought fiercely, swords clashing. Clara seized a candy cane and charged at the mice. Smoke plumed from the cannon as the opposing armies battled across the snowy carpet. The Nutcracker was brave, but Clara could see that with his cracked arm, he was beginning to lose the fight...


  • What are the problems?
  • Who are the key characters? What are they like? How are they feeling?
  • Can you think of any exciting verbs and adverbs to describe the fight?
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