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This is the 6th week (including Easter) that we not been in school. I know a lot of you are not only missing family you are isolated from but you are also missing you friends from school. I thought it would be a nice idea to make something for one of your friends from school. 


Whatever you make, take a photo and send it to me then your friend will be able to see it on the website.



Ways you could keep in touch:

Phone a friend every day.

If you have Zoom, a group of you could chat together.

Face time/video call your friend so that you can see them.

Write them a letter. Post it or take a photo and send it to me as I will put it on the website.  

Write a story about your friend.

Draw a picture for you friend.

Make them a card. 

Take a photo of yourself and add a message to your friend.

The list is endless.


Have a look at some of the wonderful creations you could make below. You could make them out of anything, as I know your friend will love them heart  

Ideas you could make for you friend x

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