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Zeb has been working incredibly hard! 


Zeb, you look so proud of your self. Such a cheeky, little grin. 


Amazing work smiley 

Check out Ren's amazing castle he made for the giant!

I love the draw bridge Ren smiley 

Penny is feeling very excited about building her castle laugh

Tom and Dougie have been enjoying Pancake Day and Chinese New Year. 

Those pancakes look so yummy! 


Look at the wonderful learning too. 

Stunning drawing of Harry Potter characters by Yali. 


You are such an amazing artist Yali smiley 

Looks like you had lots of fun making cress people Penny.  

Delicious baking going on in Tom's house. 


They look soooooooooo yummy Tom smiley

Theo enjoyed a very cold visit to the beach. 


Brrrr, Theo it must have been freezing. 

Super learning too Theo!



I love your plan for a postcard Tom. I can't wait to see the actual postcard when you write it. 

Fantastic handwriting too!

Mohammed has been very busy learning!


Look at all that wonderful learning Mohammed. I am so proud of you smiley

Lots of snow and paint fun going on in Patrick's house. Incredible maths too!


This looks so much fun Patrick laugh 

Check out Louis's playdough spellings and snow day fun! 


This looks so much fun Louis smiley


I loved the snorkeling attire Mia wore for our seaside experience day. It sure made me laugh laugh 

Mia and Henry - teachers

Lots of fab learning going on in Nancy's house including learning how to be a dog laugh 

Zeb has been working incredibly hard on his handwriting. 


Look at that gorgeous writing Zeb. I am so proud of all the hard work you are doing to make sure you use lead and lead outs. 

Tom is feeling very proud. He received a letter, badge and certificate from Blue Peter after raising a whopping £1200 for charity. Tom did an amazing Everest climb during the first lockdown. 


What an amazing achievement Tom! The big smile on your face says it all laugh. £1200 is such a lot of money to raise. I am so proud and in awe of what you did to raise money for a very good cause.   


Awesome work too smiley yes

Super descriptive writing from Jago about what Sunny heard when the train stopped near a farm.  

Penny was very brave this week as she had to have a tooth removed. 

She enjoyed some delicious ice-cream as a treat.


I knew you could be super brave sweetheart heart 

Amazing learning from Theo smiley

Mia has made her own version of my wheel! Look how brilliant it is smileyyes


Lots of learning and fun going on at Nancy's house laugh
Caio enjoyed baking some delicious jam tarts smiley
Amazing maths and writing from Tom yes

Louis enjoyed finding out about carnivores, herbivores and omnivores in science

He also did some bird spotting as part of the RSVB bird watch week and made a bird feeder laugh  

Patrick loved finding out about the types of food animals eat. 

Penny wrote a gorgeous letter to her special friend, Sylvie heart

She has also been enjoying daily yoga sessions. 


Look at the big smile on her face at the excitement of using her new stencils to draw animals that are herbivore, carnivore, omnivore! 



Wonderful writing and maths from Theo. 

He also had a lot of fun baking jam tarts with his brother Adam laugh

Super postcard and phonics work from Bella. 


Bella, you have worked so hard - well done smiley

I love your postcard from Sunny. 

Check out that fantastic phonics work yes

Louis wrote a brilliant postcard from Sunny the Meerkat. Can you spot the meerkat stamp he added?

He has enjoyed getting fit with his brother Alex.   


Fantastic writing Louis!

Loving the yoga moves Louis and Alex laugh

Amazing postcard from Sunny and super sentences from Tom.


Brilliant work Tom smiley 

Patrick enjoyed a delicious pancake breakfast. He is continuing to use the number line to subtract. 


Amazing work Patrick smiley

Penny has finished her 'marvellous me' box. 


Penny I love all the special treasures you put inside heart 

Penny has been using flour and playdough to practise her spellings. She's also started making her 'marvellous me' box. smiley

Incredible drawings by Jago!


You are such a talented artist yes

Patrick has been working really hard. He used the number line to help him subtract yes


I'm so proud of you Patrick.

Amazing hard work from Mohammed yes


I am so proud of all your hard work Mohammed. You have worked amazingly all week smiley  

Super work from Nancy yes


Look at you all dressed up! Amazing work as always Nancy smiley

Theo has done some wonderful learning about the 'big five. He also made an African mask and has been doing lots of cycling. 


Theo, what amazing writing you have done.

I love the picture of the buffalo 😊 

Check out that fantastic Afican mask too. 

Patrick has been getting creative with his spellings.

Jago made a gorgeous African mask. 


I love the shapes and colours you chose for it Jago. You mask is vibrant and colourful! 

Penny made a stunning African mask.


Penny, your mask is fabulous. The gold trim and bold colours you added really make your mask stand out. 

Sylvie used an online drawing tutorial to help her draw her lion. 


Sylvie, your drawing is brilliant. You are such a wonderful artist. Look at the brilliant facts you write about lions too. 

I love your safari diorama! The choice of colours you chose for the skyline are beautiful. 

Penny enjoyed making Masai jewellery as part of our learning about Africa. 


Penny, I love the colours you chose to make your necklace. The finishing touches you added are perfect. It looks beautiful on you. What super addition and subtraction you have been doing too. 

Tom has been very busy writing,  cooking banana bread and making a bookshelf to show the books he has read. 


Tom, the bookcase is a fabulous idea! I am going to tell the other children about it as think it is wonderful smiley

It is so lovely to see you cooking and check out the gorgeous writing.  

Nancy, your safari biscuits look absolutely delicious. You made ebiugh to feed the while class 😀. Did you eat them all?

Caio and his little sister Celeste enjoyed finding out about the Masai Tribe.   


Caio, the jewellery you both made is stunning. I love the colours you chose smiley

Bella enjoyed dressing up as a lion for our Teams meeting.  


I love the face paint Bella smiley

Look at all the fabulous work Zeb has been doing! 


Zeb, I am so proud of all the hard work you have done this week smiley. I can see that you have been working really hard on your handwriting too - well done Zeb. 

Louis enjoyed dressing up as a lion for our Teams meeting smiley 


You look so cute Louis! 

Amazing writing about lions too yes 

Jago has worked really hard writing facts about lions and leopards. 


Jago, your writing and drawings are brilliant - well done laugh 

Look at the gorgeous diorama and writing Sam has done about rhinos. 


Sam, I love the facts you have found out about rhinos smiley. Your handwriting is amazing - well done Sam. 

Your diorama safari is adorable Sam.  

WOW! Look at the brilliant rhino Patrick made. 


I absolutely love it Patrick! 


Look at you practising your handwriting too yes

Look at Rowan's amazing writing smiley


Rowan, your facts about the rhino and lion are fantastic. What a little super star you are - well done laugh  

Ren has been a very busy boy this week. He boarded a plane to Kenya and then wrote about the animals he saw. 


Fantastic work Ren! What else did you see on your African trip?  


Tom has been working incredibly hard this week smiley


Tom, I am so proud of you. Look at that gorgeous writing yes. Mummy said you have loved finding out facts about animals in Africa too.  

Louis has had an amazing week! He went on snow safari with his dog Mimi and saw a snow wolf!


Louis, I love the pictures of you on safari smiley

WOW! You are learning to play chess - that's amazing.

Check out all the brilliant writing you have done too. I am so proud of you yes


Nancy has been working so hard at home smiley


Nancy, look at all that wonderful learning yes. I love the photo of you and Stan enjoying some yoga. 

Your writing is stunning. Mummy said that you noticed the lady in the phonics videos doesn't know how to write cursive yet. I think she needs to join Elm's handwriting club laugh.

Penny has wrote some wonderful facts about a lion and an elephant leopard. 


Penny, you had done an amazing job - I'm so proud of you. Look at that writing sitting on the line yes

Caio has been super busy!


Caio, I am so proud of all the wonderful learning you have done smiley. Check out the fabulous writitng you have done about lions and the brilliant geography about Africa.  You are a little star!  

Sam made a fantastic silhouette of Africa on the computer. 


Sam, your art work is stunning. I love how you used the computer to create it - that's very clever. Amazing work Sam smiley  

Check out the fantastic desert project Bella did. 


Bella, this is very creative! I love how you changed created a sweet theme desert and used biscuits and cake frosting to make it. I'd be tempted to nibble on it smiley.  

WOW! Jago has had a very busy week. 


Jago, I am so proud of you!

You have done lots of fabulous drawings.

I love the brilliant vocabulary you used in your Africa journal smiley.

It sound like you had a lovely Christmas. 

Keep up the wonderful learning yes