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Our dinosaur egg has...... hatched!

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Can you believe our dinosaur egg has hatched! After a bit of research we discovered that the dinosaur is a 'Velociraptor!' surprise We were amazed at how quick it grew in just a few days. Of course a dinosaur isn't used to being in a school, so it enjoyed a good explore around the school. After a bit of fun, the dinosaur knew that a school wasn't the place for it to be, so it has now wandered off over the hills..... I must say the dinosaur was very friendly, even if I was a bit lost for words! We will have to think of a name for our new Velociraptor friend. smiley

Velociraptor let loose around school...

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Dinosaur World!

Arthur has made his very own dinosaur world for his dinosaurs! He used a variety of different materials to make his dinosaur world, such as tissue paper and paints. Arthur also collected things from the garden, and made sure to include volcanos and a river for his dinosaurs to drink from. Arthur also made his very own dinosaur fossils too - they look great Arthur! I am sure your dinosaurs love roaming around your dinosaur world too! smiley

Numbers to 10

Mathilde has been baking numbers to 10. Yum Mathilde these look so good!! smiley Mathilde then ordered her biscuits in the correct order to 10, before then guessing which numbers had gone missing!
Elliott enjoyed practising his numbers to 10 both inside and outside. Elliott practised writing numbers to 10 in the snow (great idea Elliott!) yes before then practising ordering numbers to 10 with his very own number line. I love how colourful your number line is Elliott! laugh

Dinosaur Egg Nest

After receiving the letter from the T Rex, we went for a hunt around school to see where the T Rex had dropped our egg. We looked in the school field, amongst the bushes, in our forest school area.... and this is where we came across some upturned chairs! We thought this must have been a clue, so we searched close to these clues and found.... our egg! Tucked inside the bushes in a tyre. We made sure to cushion it and protect it even more by placing large twigs on top. It is very safe and secure now. smiley Can you spot the egg through the sticks?

Keeping a Dinosaur Egg Warm

Maple Class have been writing down ways to keep our dinosaur egg warm. heart Mrs T and I have been so impressed by all of the lovely writing! Well done Maple Class. yessmiley

T Rex on the loose!

Oh my goodness! Whilst on a walk, Laurie and his big sister came across a T Rex wandering the field! I wonder if this is the T Rex that was sighted in our classroom! surprise Brilliant capture Laurie!!

Cute dinosaurs!

Mathilde made some of her very own small dinosaurs, out of playdough. I love your dinosaurs Mathilde, they look very cute! heart

Volcano Eruption!

Elliott has made his very own volcano. Look at all that lava coming out!! laugh

Numbers to 10

This week we looked at numbers 9 and 10. We are now beginning to look at ordering numbers to 10. Mathilde has made her very own number-line to practise ordering the numbers. I love your number-line Mathilde, it's so colourful! laugh (I also love your watch!)


There has been more amazing Phonics work in Maple Class again this week. Lots of writing of words, and sentences! Maple Class have been using their Phonics knowledge to sound out the sounds in words, as well as using finger spaces and full stops in sentences. Well done Maple Class! We have been remembering to practise those tricky words too! smiley

Sighting of a T Rex!

Oh my goodness! This week a T Rex had been discovered in Maple Class' classroom! The T Rex had been captured on CCTV over the weekend, and had already left by the time Miss Baulcomb had come into school on Monday morning. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw the footage! Miss Baulcomb and Mrs T are very glad to have not been in the classroom at the time of the T Rex stomping through. Maple Class have been reporting the news on this sighting, who knows where the dinosaur could have stomped to next? surprisesurprise

Maple Class News

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A special 'news flash!'
Maple Class have been news reporters this week, reporting the exciting (and a little scary) sighting of the T Rex in our classroom! We are so impressed Maple Class on your news reading skills - you are professionals! laugh

The Morning News

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Be warned - a dinosaur on the loose!!

The Afternoon News

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These news reports are amazing! laugh You all did such a good job of letting the nation know about the dinosaur on the loose, and our missing egg! yes
Mathilde has been a busy news reporter, reporting the T Rex sighting! Mathilde has also been using prompt cards of 'where' 'why' 'when' to discuss the news. Mathilde you look like such a natural! yeslaugh
Maeve has been reporting live from her tele! I love your tele Maeve, you make a great news reporter!! laugh
Maple Class have also been doing some of their amazing writing to write scripts and newspapers to report the sighting of the T Rex! laugh

Indoor rainbows

Maple Class have been creating indoor rainbows! Collecting different things from around their home to match the colours of the rainbow. We love your beautiful rainbows Maple Class, they have certainly brightened up our day on a gloomy, rainy day! heart


Mathilde has been practising her Phonics in her lovely sand tray! smiley Mathilde then also played the 'missing sound' game, filling in the gaps in each of the words. Well done Mathilde!
Johnny has been working very hard on his Phonics sounds too, practising writing the letters as well as reading the sounds - well done Johnny! yes
Arthur has been practising our Phonics by playing the 'dinosaur stomp' game. He even turned into a dinosaur himself! surprise
Laurie has also enjoyed playing the 'dinosaur stomp game' with his dinosaurs laugh He also used his sister's (very handy) laminator to laminate the footprints too!
Maple Class have been working so hard on their writing during Phonics. We have been practising our correct letter formations, and have been using our Phonics knowledge to sound out and blend words. We have even been having a go at writing sentences! Remembering our finger spaces in between words. Miss Baulcomb and Mrs T are both so proud of you all! yes
Maple Class have also been practising their tricky words in different ways again this week, using sticks, pebbles, lego and lots more! smiley

Maths - Numbers 7 and 8

In Maths we have been looking at numbers 7 and 8 this week. Mathilde has been practising different ways of making 7 with her counters! Well done Mathilde, you found many different ways of making 7! laugh
Maple Class have been practising counting to number 7 by having a picnic with 7 teddies! smiley
Arthur has been practising counting to number 8, by counting 8 sticks. Arthur then drew a spider in the sand as they have 8 legs! I love your sandy spider Arthur! laugh

Missing dinosaur egg!

Last week we were delivered a mysterious egg! Maple class gave us lots of tips on how to look after it and we nurtured the egg in a nice, warm cosy box with blankets. This week however the dinosaur egg has gone missing!! Miss Baulcomb and Mrs T were both very shocked to see that the box was completely empty! surprise We also discovered the classroom in a big mess. There were chairs knocked onto the floor, bricks everywhere, shavings from the box on the floor, toys everywhere. I wonder what has happened to our egg? Maple class have been wondering whether someone took it, or whether it had hatched and has run away? It has been a complete mystery - I wonder where our egg could be?

Hunting for the egg..

Johnny went for a walk with his family to see if he could hunt for our dinosaur egg. They looked for clues to see if their was any trace of our dinosaur egg, or any evidence to whether the dinosaur egg had been taken. Johnny and his little brother did however find dinosaur scratches on the pavement, just outside the school! surprise Johnny walked further up the road and found what him and his little brother thought might be the egg! However it turned out to be just..... a rock. Never mind Johnny! smiley We will hopefully get to the bottom of our mystery soon! 

'Lost' posters!

To help find our missing dinosaur egg, Maple class have been creating 'lost' posters! Maple class wrote the description of the egg, remembering to use their phonic knowledge to sound out the sounds in the words before blending them together. They have also been remembering to use their finger spaces too! yes To finish the poster off they have drawn what the eggs look like, so everyone is aware of what to look out for. Hopefully with all of our posters up in windows and on the walls, it will help us to find our missing dinosaur egg! Well done Maple class for working so hard on your amazing writing!! laugh

Dinosaur Museums

Maple Class have been making their very own dinosaur museums at home. Elliott I love your dinosaur museum, it's brilliant! Definitely a museum I would like to visit! laugh Elliott displayed his dinosaurs and his dinosaur books, made an egg from paper mache' as well as making fossils from salt dough and coffee grounds before giving his family a tour. You have been busy Elliott, and I am sure your dinosaur museum is a great visit!
Laurie has made his own dinosaur museum too - with books, dinosaur toys and two real dinosaur bones! I love your museum Laurie - it's brilliant! Another museum that looks like a great visit. laugh
Arthur has also made his own dinosaur museum! He gave his family 'family tickets' and told them lots of dinosaur facts from his dinosaur book! What a great museum you have made Arthur!! laugh Arthur also made some of his own dinosaurs to put into his museum.
Patrick made his dinosaur museum with his building blocks, making a 'day' and a 'night' museum. This is brilliant Patrick! What a good idea having a day and a night museum! laugh
Johnny has also made a fabulous dinosaur museum, showcasing all of his dinosaurs and dinosaur books! I bet I would find out a lot of facts about dinosaurs at your museum Johnny! yes
Reece has also made an amazing dinosaur museum, showcasing all of his dinosaurs. You have so many different species there Reece! yessmiley

Dinosaur drawings

There has been some amazing dinosaur drawings this week - look at those lovely drawings and paintings of dinosaurs! laugh

Combining two groups

In Maths we have been looking at 'combining two groups,' practising our addition and subtraction skills. Arthur has been working really hard on his Maths, using a 'part part hole' method and a tens frame to help him with his adding and taking away. Well done Arthur! smiley

Tricky Word Biscuits!

Maeve was being a busy baker at home, baking tricky word biscuits. They look so tasty Maeve! Who knew tricky words could be so yummy!! laugh


Maple Class have been working so hard on their Phonics at home! Well done Maple Class, look at all the lovely writing you have done! laughyes We also practised writing our letters and our tricky words in different ways!


In Maple Class this term we are looking at Dinosaurs! We were surprised with a very special delivery of a mystery egg. We have discovered that it is a dinosaur egg and Maple Class came up with lots of tips for Miss Baulcomb on how to look after it. We have made sure to keep the egg as warm and as cosy as we can. The egg now even has a new home made for it out of bricks! With lots of blankets and gifts that has been made for it inside. It certainly does look very cosy! smiley

What's inside the egg?

Maple Class have been guessing what dinosaur could be inside the egg! We then drew our own pictures of what we thought the dinosaur might look like and shared them with each other on our class video call. Elliott drew this fantastic drawing of a T Rex, with it's family alongside. Many of Maple Class think it could be a T Rex inside the egg (eeeek!) surprise
Maeve created her picture of what she thought was in the dinosaur egg - another T Rex! I love this picture Maeve, it's lovely! I love the extra collage details you have added too. Look at that lovely sun! smiley


Bess and her big sister made their very own dinosaur called 'Spotty-Saurus!' I love your dinosaur girls! laughyes He looks like a lovely new friend to have at home. I wonder if we have a Spotty Saurus inside our dinosaur egg?

Baking dino biscuits!

Elliott has been a busy baker at home, baking dinosaur biscuits. Elliott carefully measured the correct ingredients he needed before using his toys to make a mould in the biscuits. They look so tasty Elliott - yum!! smiley

Numbers within 6

We have been looking at numbers within 6 in Maple Class. We have looked at ordering numbers, representing numbers, one more and one less than a number and adding two groups together. Elliott has been working so hard in Maths in all of these areas, using his blocks to represent numbers, writing his own number flashcards and using a part part whole method to combine and add two groups together. Well done Elliott for all of your hard work in Maths, we are very proud! yes
Bess has also been working so hard in Maths too! Using her blocks to represent the different numbers up to 6. Well done Bess, you have counted out those blocks so carefully! smiley
Here are some more ways of representing numbers within 6, using multilink cubes! Have you noticed that the length of the towers get taller as the number gets bigger? laugh

Letters in sand

Bess has been practising writing our new Phonics sounds into colourful sand. Well done Bess! A lovely (and fun!) way to practise those new letter sounds we have been learning. smiley

Tricky word 'be'

This week our tricky word that we are focusing on is 'be.' We have been practising writing this tricky word in many different ways. Maple Class have been practising in flour, with pipe cleaners, with magnetic letters, with playdough. Who knew practising those tricky words could be lots of fun! laugh

Fun with Lego

Laurie has had some fun writing, but with Lego! Writing his name as well as practising those tricky words with the Lego too. What a fun way to practise them! Well done Laurie yes Laurie has also been working very hard in Maths and in Phonics. I am so impressed with your lovely writing Laurie and your sounding out and blending skills!

Sentences and number 6!

Lydia has been practising her sentence writing. I have loved receiving your lovely letters Lydia! heart Lydia has also been practising her counting skills and representing the number 6 in different ways. Well done Lydia!

Number 6!

We have been focusing on number 6 in Maple Class. Whilst on a walk, Elliott practised his counting skills and represented number 6 in different ways! smiley
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