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Richard wrote a wonderful version of 'The Very Noisy Night'


This is a fantastic story Richard - big well done to you smiley 


Nicholas and Maria have finished their home project! 


They are amazing! smileyyes

Bertie has been very busy learning at home. 


He has done some wonderful art work for our minibeast topic and created a fantastic story map to go with our learning about The Tiger Who Came to Tea. 


Fantastic work Bertie, well done smiley    

Look at all the wonderful learning that has been going on at home from this little man yes


I am so proud of you!


Check out the Bug Hotel! I would love to come for a visit if I was a bug that lived in your garden smiley




Rosa and her sister have been having a fun time looking after their chickens and planting mustard seeds. 


The chickens finally laid some eggs! 

Maria and Nicholas have had a busy week learning!  They both explored looking for materials around their house and created a wonderful list of the different things they found. They also did some fantastic maths whilst learning to count in 2s, 5s and 10s. 

Amazing work!  

The children who are in school have been busy learning about Katie in London. They drew fantastic story maps and then wrote wonderful postcards about Katie's visit to London. Can you spot the proper nouns? 
Richard drew a fantastic story map of Katie's travels around London and then wrote a brilliant postcard of her visit. He joined his handwriting and used capital letters for proper nouns. Amazing work Richard!   
Florence has been very busy practising her joined up hand writing! She also drew a gorgeous story map of Katie's adventures around London and wrote a wonderful postcard about her trip. I can see capital letters for proper nouns Florence. Well done! 

Rosa has been working really hard on joining up her handwriting.


Rosa, I am so proud of you! Look at your joins smiley and most of your letters are sitting on the line too yes   

Richard has been doing some fabulous learning at home. 


He drew a brilliant story map and then innovated The Tiger That Came to Tea by writing his own version about a chameleon. 


Richard, I am so proud of the wonderful work you have done. Your joined up handwriting is stunning and you have included all of the learning from last week. A massive well done to you!     

Nicholas and Maria have been working really hard at home smiley


Nicholas stretched his brain in maths whilst reasoning and problem solving with 2s, 5s and 10s. He also innovated the Tiger That Came to Tea and wrote his own imaginative version about a frog. 


Maria challenged herself with her maths learning about 2s, 5s and 10s. She also drew a fantastic story map about The Tiger That Came to Tea before writing a wonderful story. 


I am very proud of both you yes    

Richard has been doing fantastic learning at home about The Tiger That Came to Tea and Queen Victoria.  


He wrote an invitation inviting a chameleon to tea smiley and found out some interesting facts about Queen Victoria. 


Well done for writing some questions too! 


Super learning Richard yes  

Daphne and Bess have been having fun learning at home. 


Daphne loved writing a short story about ‘Daisy the butterfly, Spot the ladybird and Buzz the bee’! Which of course, had the be decorated with lots of bugs.


Daphne and Bess then went on to do Eric Carle inspired pictures of Daisy and Buzz.  


Tadpole update - Daphne and her family are now the proud parents of baby frogs!

Florence wrote an amazing character description about her lady bird called Sophie. She also checked that she had included all of the key spellings, word classes and the conjunction 'and by underlining them when she spotted them yes 


Florence, you character description is fantastic!  I'm glad Sophie is kind and not bad tempered like the lady bird in the story. Well done smiley

Richard has done some brilliant work about our key text The Bad tempered Ladybird. 

He wrote a fantastic description of the lady bird he drew. Instead of it being bad tempered like the lady bird in the story he changed it to a kind tempered lady bird. 


Richard you have used fantastic adjectives to describe Cecil's appearance and character. Well done smiley  

Tamsin has been working really hard on subtraction not crossing 10. She drew a tens frame to help her and then went on to show how she could do it using a number line too. 


Well done Tamsin - amazing maths!


My Disgusting Sandwich by Maria and Nicholas. 


Super instructions to make a bug filled sandwich.


I don't fancy eating any of them laugh

Richard has done some wonderful learning about bees. 


He also created a brilliant plan to inform his instructional writing to make a disgusting bug sandwich. 


I don't think I would like to eat that sandwich Richard laugh

Daphne and her family are loving our topic about minibeasts. 


They spent a few days making a 'Bug Hotel', which is amazing. I love it Daphne! Have any bugs come to stay?


Check out the wonderful art they have been doing too. The clay tiles are just gorgeous smiley


They have been watching tadpoles transform into frogs too! I'm keen to know all about them Daphne. 


Such amazing fun learning!   


Florence has had fun learning about butterflies.  

She wrote some wonderful facts and baked some delicious butterfly cakes. 

They look very yummy Florence! I hope you saved one for me laugh    

Maria and Nicholas have had a very busy week learning about bees.  


Maria and Nicholas, I'm very proud of you both. You have done such amazing learning smiley.

I love the adjectives you have used to create your list poems.

Fantastic labelling of bees and super fact you have found out about them.

Big well done for taking on the maths challenges too. 


Keep up the wonderful learning yeslaugh 

Bea has been doing some fantastic learning at home.  

She made a cute caterpillar as part of our learning about The Hungry Caterpillar and a 

very beautiful rainbow sand jar 😊

She also did some aboriginal painting and made a shoe box fairy tale called The Selkie. 


Bea, I love the email and photos you have sent me. It was so nice to hear about what you have been doing at home.  I was very pleaaed tp hear about all the reading you have been doing too 👍. It's amazing!  


Keep up the wonderful learning Bea laugh      

Richard has been very busy learning about caterpillars and butterflies. 


He researched butterflies and then wrote facts about them. 


He wrote a wonderful innovated version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and added the endings 'ing, ed and er' to root words. 


Richard, I love your Bug Hotel. Have any bugs come to stay?  

The learning you have been doing at home is incredible. I am SO proud of you.

I love the photos you have been sending me so keep sending them smiley.

You look very engrossed with your microscope!!!  

Nicholas and Maria have been very busy learning at home. 

Have a look at the wonderful work they have done researching butterflies smiley.

They aslo did some fantastic problem solving as part of our maths learning and added suffixes to verbs too yes


Nicholas and Maria, your work is fantastic! I love seeing what you have been doing at home.

I am so proud of the pair of you! 

Happy learning laugh

Martha, THANK YOU so much for the gorgeous letter you wrote me.

It is wonderful to hear about all the fun stuff you have been getting up too.

Your letter warmed my heart and put a big smile on my face heart 




I got a lovely email from Tula today smiley. She wanted to share the wonderful learning she has been doing with her brother Ethan. They both made gorgeous butterfly life cycles out of dough (Tula's is brown and blue and Ethan's is green). 

They collected worms in the garden and did a brilliant book review of The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


You two have both been busy learning fantastic things about out minibeast topic. I love seeing the photos of what you have both been up too kiss   


Ella and her sister have been enjoying our class learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Ella made a gorgeous caterpillar craft and read the book to her little sister.

Keep up the amazing work Ella smiley 

Maria and Nicholas have been very busy this week. 

Have a look at their fabulous art work and colouring. 

Nicholas wrote an innovated version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar and remembered to use the days of the week spellings he has been learning. Maria invented her own days of the week story.   

I found out how much they have enjoyed the maths work on arrays this week yes.  

Well done the pair of you smiley 



Richard has been doing some wonderful learning. 

He created a fabulous family out of leaves and then wrote a fantastic story! 

He even used our five part story structure!

Look at that beautiful handwriting smiley. I can see lead in/lead outs, letters sitting on the line, capital letters and full stops yes.

He drew a brilliant story map for his own version of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

I'm so proud of you Richard. Keep up the amazing work. 


I see you have a lost a tooth Richard laugh    

WOW! Look at all the wonderful learning Daphne has been doing at home (and her little sister Bess).


She has been busy in her garden collecting worms for the wormery she made. She also made the most beautiful butterflies as part of our animal kingdom art! Look at the fantastic number bond math and spelling work she is doing too.


Daphne, you and your little sister have been very busy little bees. I'm so proud of everything you have donesmiley.  I love those butterflies!   


















Maria and Nicholas have been working very hard on their maths 

You are both doing amazing work!




I'm loving the contractions caterpillar Richard has made as part of our home learning this week smiley

Has anyone else made one that I could add to our gallery?

Check out his super thought bubbles to go with the characters from the Princess and the Pea too! 



Look at the lovely creations Ethan and Tula have been making at home.

They joined in with our Australian theme by doing some wonderful Aboriginal dot paintings!

They wrote to their cousins in Australia who are also on lockdown.

They even made their lunch resemble their grandad because they are missing him so much. Tula and Ethan, tell grandad to look at how creative you were with your lunch. I bet he will love it heart. I'm sure it will put a smile on his face like it did mine smiley













Arlo joined in with the cooking the key worker children had been doing in school last week by making Anzac Biscuits at home. 

Little chef, your biscuits look absolutely delicious. You look so proud of your cooking smiley

Keep on baking x  





Richard joined in with our Teddy picnic at home by writing instructions to make a ham, cheese, tomatoe and mayo sandwich.

What fantastic instructions Richard. I'm so proud of your writing smiley.

Your sandwich sounds delicious.

Keep up the amazing learning x 



Check out the fabulous home learning Maria and Nicholas have been doing!

I'm so proud of you both.

What amazing writing and artwork you have both been doing.

I love the reading journal you are keeping smiley

Keep up the fantastic work x 



Look at the wonderful things Martha has been doing at home smiley.

She joined in with the Teddy picnic the key worker children were having in school, in her own garden. 

Martha I love the maths!

Look at them wonderful leaf pictures!  

Keep up the good work Martha. I'm so proud of you (and your parents) 

P.S Thank you so much for the lovely email you sent me x   

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