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Handwriting Club

Elm Class, you all know how much I love handwriting! It is my absolute favourite thing laugh. So, I thought let's do a handwriting club from home.


My challenge for you is to choose one letter per day from the PowerPoint to practise writing. 


Open the PowerPoint, choose your letter then click on slide show from that page. If you click the pencil image on the slide it will move and model how to form the letter.  


How to be a superstar writer:

  • hold your pencil with a tripod grip
  • sit properly on your chair (no slouching)
  • place one hand on your book or paper and write with the other hand (no resting your head on your hand)    
  • start with a lead in
  • sit your letters on the line 
  • keep the size of your letters the same 
  • remember nice tall ascenders (b, d, h, k, l)
  • remember descenders (g, j, p, q, y) go below the line  
  • don't take your pencil off the paper until you have written the whole letter 
  • end with a lead out
  • laugh at your beautiful handwriting 


If you would like a handwriting book to write in then please ask a parent to come and collect one from school. 


I am so looking forward to seeing your beautiful writing. I would love to put it on our class gallery for everyone to admire.    


Once you think you have perfected your handwriting with single sounds then move onto writing diagraphs (2 letters e.g. ch, sh, th, ai, ar,or.......). There are endless challenges for you.   


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