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Lesson 1 


This week we will start to learn about homes in the past and a significant figure in history. 


Significant person means someone who is important.   


Have a look at the person below.  Who do you think she is?  Have you seen her picture before?


Once you have thought about the photo, watch the video clip.  There is a short game to see what you have remembered after too.


Research - Queen Victoria visited Brighton in 1837 -1838. She had a Palace that she called her residence but she didn't stay at it much. Can you find out what it was called? 

Maybe, when it is safe and if your parents agree, you could go and take a photo of it.  

Lesson 2

In our last lesson we found out about a significant figure in history. Who was she? What can you remember about her?


Today you are going to write some information about Queen Victoria. 


Watch the video clip again to help you remember facts about Victoria. 

Then choose to complete the activity I have made you or create your own poster/fact book about her. 





Lesson 3


Today you are going to be comparing Victorian homes with modern day homes.  



Please share the PowerPoint with your child. 

Encourage them to compare with homes today. 



Fold a piece of paper in half. 

Write Victorian on one half and modern on the other. 

On one side draw a picture of a Victorian room and on the other other side draw a picture of a modern room from your house.  Can you label any of the objects you draw?

Do you have any Victorian houses where you live? 

Are the streets narrow? 

Next time you go out have a look. 

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