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Reading - Please hear your child read every day.  A few pages every day is much more effective than longer sessions once a week. Please record any reading in the blue notebook that was in the reading pack and return on Friday.


Phonics – E-books and phonics games linked to the learning we are doing in class will be allocated via the online platform Bug Club Phonics. Passwords and logon details will be emailed shortly.

Additionally, there are some phonics websites in the phonics folder that you might like to use too. 


Spelling – I have included a list of high frequency words and common exception words for Year 1.

By the end of Year 1 there is an expectation that most of the words be spelt correctly. In the spelling folder you will find some fun ways to support spelling at home.       


Handwriting – In Year 1 we teach pre-cursive handwriting, Pre-cursive is the transition between printing and joining all letters cursively. In pre-cursive handwriting, children practise adding lead-ins and lead-outs to letters, which then ensures the letters start and finish in the correct place before we move on to joining in the summer term.  


Maths – Numbots logon and passwords have been sent home. Numbots will support fluency with number through a range of fun, interactive games. 


Attached is a progression in number facts sheet to support your child to become fluent with facts from 0-20 in KS1. There is an expectation that children become fluent with these facts by the end of KS1 (Year 2).   


The homework grid (see below) contains suggestions of other ways to support your child at home.

Please do not send homework into school.

Instead, take some photos and email them to me along with permission and I'll add them to our class gallery.    

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