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Home Learning Week 5 w/b 4th May

Hello everyone smiley


I hope you are all keeping well. 


This week we will be learning all about BEES! I have included some fun yoga about bees, food art, bubble wrap hive art, honey biscuit cooking and a great project to make a bee hive out of a cardboard box and tubes. Everything is in the folders below and minimal resources are needed.


Friday 8th May is a Bank Holiday so there are only four English and math lessons this week. However there are many other fun learning opportunities as mentioned above that the children could do on that day.      


Maths: This week our learning is all about finding halves and quarters of shapes and quantities. As per previous weeks use the Whiter Rose home learning videos to support you and your child with each lesson. Make sure your child has access to paper that can be folded into half/quarters and objects that can be used as counters so that they can separate them in to half/quarters.    


English - We will be writing facts about bees and creating a list poem using adjectives (describing words) and verbs (actions). 


Reading - Keep reading every day. Use whatever is available to your child at the moment. I will include a reading comprehension about bees as part of our learning this week. If it is too tricky for your child then just get them to read the words they can. There are a variety of books about bees on Epic.


Phonics - Play some of the games on Classroom Secrets of Phonics Play. 


Science - We will do some bee spotting in the garden and create a bee life cycle.


Bee Movie - A great kids film that tells you all about bees (some of you may have it or have seen it before). Definitely worth a watch.


Happy learning everyone laugh.


Keep sending your wonderful photos/letters/emails to me as I love to hear from you.


Love Mrs Duke heart


PS - Last week I created a friendship folder. If you haven't had a look in it then do as you might want to make something for one of your friends at school (or me smiley). Look in week 4 home learning/friendship      







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