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Home School Day 1

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Solving simple one step equations

Today WhiteRose video his has great images for describing how to solve more complex equations. It is particularly good towards the end where it uses a bar model for solving some very challenging maths problems. Make sure you watch the video before you tackle the activity sheet. 

English/ Topic

The task set this week is linked to The Lost World mini topic we have been doing in class. If you have not been in school yet, do the activities from the 'Additional Activities' folder before doing Home school Day 1 - this will put the task in this file into context. 

For those of you starting the Basecamp work today - this task will continue tomorrow so you don't need to rush it. To do it properly will take two days at least as there is plenty or research, art and descriptions to do! If you have returned to school why not do this on paper so we can add it to the topic book we are creating.


Have fun today 

Mrs Head



WhiteRose - Solve simple one-step equations

Watch the video before doing the activity sheet.

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