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Good Morning 


Today's maths is about ...

Miles and Kilometres

This is something we didn’t cover in class this year so it would be good to give it a go. It’s not tricky and is well explained. It’s actually quite a useful skill for life, especially if you plan to travel abroad in the future!


You also need to continue with your story of the encounter with that terrifying beast ... it looks almost Jurassic to me! Make sure you read it back thoroughly before you add anything new. If possible read it aloud; this will help you tell how effective your punctuation is. Think back to lessons when I revisit my writing - I ALWAYS make edits with the vocabulary, sentence structure and how I have opened my sentences. As you edit keep thinking ... will this appeal top my audience? What images will they have in their mind? Are my vocabulary choices appropriate and meaningful? Only when that is done look at spelling! 


If you find you have still not finished today (some of you may not) you could continue tomorrow instead of the music activity. 


Mrs Head

White Rose - Miles and kilometres

This is a great video and a really useful skill to understand.

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