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Good Morning

Today's White Rose Maths looks at the volume of cuboids. We covered this quite quickly at the end of term, when I started to worry that school might be closed through Covid. The activity isn't hard today but the video is really worth watching as the images are so much better that the ones I was able to make on the whiteboard at school. 

The additional maths activity is about reading and drawing pie charts. This is an area you covered with Mr Brown and I think it is about time we revisited it again. The key information you need to remember is: there is 100% in a whole and 360° in a circle. We will also be looking at this area of maths in class this week and next. 

In English I would like you to complete your writing about being lost in the jungle. If you have time then illustrate it too, ready to go in your topic book at school. 

Mrs Head

Volume of cuboids

Great visual images to explain volume from White Rose

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