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Key information for the week and letters


Welcome to Week Ten of Home School Learning!


This week’s activities link to the Lost World work we are doing in school and you will be able to bring in the completed pieces to add to your topic book. The maths takes the algebra we looked earlier this year a bit further and the images used by White Rose are very good.


If you have not returned to school yet there is information in the Additional Activities folder-  you should start with these before doing the Home School Days this week. 


Just to recap how the week’s learning works now…


If you are back to school

You’ll be in school two days a week and you’ll be working from home the other three. So I’ll post three days’ worth of work at the start of each week for you to do on the days you’re at home.

If you are returning to school on Monday and Tuesday you will:

  • Open Home School day 1 on Wednesday
  • Open Home School day 2 on Thursday
  • Open Home School day 3 on Friday


If you are returning to school on Thursday and Friday you will

  • Open Home School day 1 on Monday
  • Open Home School day 2 on Tuesday
  • Open Home School day 3 on Wednesday


If you are not returning to school

Begin with the Additional Activities and then use the Home School activities for the other days. The additional activities will be similar to the work we will be doing in school. You can also use BBC Bitesize or Oak Academy to find extra lessons.


Finally an update on my tomatoes ... they are delicious! 

Hope you have lovely week if I don't see you! 


Mrs Head


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