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Lesson 1

Today you will be adding 'ing' to verbs (actions) where no change is needed to the root word.


For example - The word 'hunt' is the root word/verb

                       Add 'ing'  and the word becomes 'hunting'


Add 'ing' to these root words. Choose to write on paper, with chalk outside, print the sheet or any other way you choose smiley  


  • play 
  • jump
  • buzz 
  • help
  • leap
  • read 
  • walk
  • pull                       



Can you think of any verbs yourself and add 'ing' to them?

Choose one of the words and write it in a sentence. 



Verbs include actions, beings or state.   

For example: 

Action - jump, run, play,  

Being - be, do, am, is, are

State - see, need, smell, belong 


In Year 1, adding 'ing' to actions can be easier for children to understand.

At this stage we are only adding 'ing' to words where there is no change.

Words that require a change would be words like 'skip, hop, run'.

In order to add 'ing' the last letter of these words (consonant) would have to be doubled e.g skip - skipping      


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