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Day 2

Handwriting Practise - Writing contacted words. 


Recap contracted words from yesterdays lesson. What words can children remember? Can they spell some? How many can they write in 1 minute?


Handwriting - If writing on paper then try to remember lead in/lead out strokes, letters sitting on the line, tall letters (ascenders e.g. b, d, l, h), descenders (below the line e.g. p, y ,g, f, j, q), finger spaces between words.


Make writing fun. It doesn't have to be on paper.

Go outside in your garden with chalk and write don't, won't, it's........on the ground.

Use sticks dipped in paint to write words.

Write in shaving foam.


Be creative as you like! 


An example of contracted words using handwriting lines is below but you don't have to use it. The more fun you can make the learning the better.  


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