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Look what we have been up to!

Martha and Stella made a snow dog.
Sam, Laurie and Billy were  not put off by a shortage of snow!
Emma found some very interesting shaped ice in the water butt!
Caitlin and her family, braved the snow and went on a W.A.L.K!
Lockdown hasn't stopped Caitlin taking part in Sea Cadets and she has even managed to earn some new badges.
Emma has been putting her time to good use, baking delicious food (sushi, chocolate cake and breadsticks), designing and making beautiful bracelet charms or discovering hidden paths on her walk.
Willow has been busy, designing and creating some beautiful art work.

I was thrilled to see Stanley, working hard at his desk, with William on the screen, demonstrating a great way of working together remotely yes.

It is also good to see, Stanley and Nancy getting out and enjoying being active.

Ellie has made the most of the great outdoors and the dry weather to keep fit and active.
Evelyn and Poppy have been creative with their PE
Stella has been busy, baking almond truffles.
I am loving the (very justified) proud look on Joseph's face.
Everybody say, "Hello," to Stella's puppy, Ada. HOW cute is she?!
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