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Here are some pictures so far of the learning that has been happening at home. smiley Well done Maple Class (and parents!) for working so hard on your activities, whilst having fun too!

Ahoy me hearties!

This term we are looking at Pirates. Maple class looked at the story of 'The Pirates Next Door' and have been turning into pirates at home!
Maple class have been delivering messages in bottles to each other and their neighbours. What a lovely surprise to have on their doorsteps! heart
Patrick even had pirates visiting his house! They hid tricky words around his garden to find.
Mia created some of her very own pirate ships, she tested to see if they could float!
Theo has been working hard on his writing and letter formation. He wrote his own pirate story!
As well as being pirates, Maple class are continuing to work hard on their daily Phonics and Math's activities, exploring weight, money, capacity as well as practicing their letter formation, reading and writing. Well done Maple class on working so hard! yes

The Everest Challenge!

Tom and his brother Dougie are also taking part in this fantastic challenge! Keeping very fit by climbing the hill next to their house, aiming to climb it 60 times. If they do this that will be the equivalent to climbing Mount Everest! An amazing story and thing to do through these tricky times. Please click on the link below to follow their story. smiley

Ronald the Rhino

This week we have been looking at the story of 'Ronald the Rhino!' Maple Class have been working on activities based around the story. Patrick noticed rhinos in another story he was reading 'Noah's Ark.' After researching about Rhino's Patrick felt sad about the rhino poaching and has kindly sponsored a rhino! heart
Louis created this safari scene with his older brother and then played with the animals inside - I think this is now there new home! smiley
Maple class have also created some fact files for safari animals. Here are Theo and Louis with their fact files, one about rhino's one about a cheetah!
As well as looking at safari animals Patrick has also been looking at the wildlife in his pond, finding toads and newts! laugh
Louis created this very yummy looking pizza, complete with a smiley face. blush
In Math's this week we have been focusing on 'sharing and halving.' Maple class have been practicing sharing equally between others in a variety of different ways.
Maple class have continued to work hard on their daily phonics activities each day, here is Theo enjoying a cup of tea with his phonics game!
Mia completed the 'countdown challenge' reading 18 of the 'high frequency and tricky words' in 1 minute. She then had another go, reading 24 words in 1 minute. Well done Mia!

'Epic' reading

Maple class reached their next 'readerpillar' badge for reading 500 books on Epic - well done!! smiley

The Three Billy Goats Gruff

This week we focused on the story of 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff.' Maple class re-told the story using stick puppets, drew pictures of trolls and built some brilliant bridges!
Louis and his big brother challenged their grandparents to a bridge building contest on Zoom (I have heard that Louis won the contest too!)
Patrick made a troll using his playdough. He then built a bridge in the garden and found other bridges whilst out and about on his walks too!
Nancy found out different facts on goats, she then wrote these facts out beautifully.
Maple class are continuing to work hard on their Phonics each day. I have been very impressed with the lovely writing/reading and letter formations that have been happening at home yessmiley
As well as Phonics, Maple class are still continuing to work hard in Maths too. This week's focus was on doubling. Here is Patrick practicing his doubling skills using a magic mirror!
As well as magic mirrors, doubling has also been looked at in other ways too!
As well as our home learning activities, there has also been some other lovely activities happening at home too smiley Penny has been writing labels for her plants and veggies in the garden.
Theo created this lovely aquarium. He carefully drew and cut out the sea creatures before writing a lovely sentence to go with it too!

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This week we focused on the story of 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar.' There has been lots of lovely artwork this week based around the story. Maple class have also been looking at symmetry this week, creating butterflies with lovely symmetrical wings, creating our own number-lines, as well as Phonics with the hungry caterpillar - feeding him different words (that were read to hungry caterpillar first!) Well done Maple class on all of the lovely work that has been produced at home!
Louis has been carefully looking after caterpillars at home. Just like the hungry caterpillar, his caterpillars grew into beautiful butterflies. Louis then released them up into the sky! smiley

Fun activities!

There has been more lovely activities happening at home, including flower pressing. These flowers look beautiful in their frame!
Penny has been writing her future self a letter. The idea is for her to read her letter when she has grown up! Such a lovely idea to do through these strange times and I'm sure the future Penny will enjoy reading it smiley
Mia has also been doing some lovely writing at home too! When we focused on the 'ar' sound in Phonics, Mia recognised that her neighbour was called Margeret, which has the 'ar' sound in. She then wrote about her neighbour before then writing a piece of writing about herself too.

The Enormous Turnip

This week we focused on the story of 'The Enormous Turnip.' Maple Class have been re-telling the story using story stones, planting their own veggies, printing with fruit and vegetables, having vegetable hunts as well as many more lovely activities smiley
In Math's this week we were focusing on 'taking away.' Here is Louis playing the 'teeth' game using marshmallows as teeth and pink paper cut into a mouth shape. The idea was to count the amount of teeth in the mouth before rolling the dice and taking away the teeth! Each time teeth were taken, the teeth were counted to see how many were left laugh
Nancy has been busy building tricky words with her Lego! smiley
There has been lots of lovely writing and letter formation practise happening in Phonics too! yes
Nancy went exploring around her home with her rucksack! However instead of it being her home, her home had actually turned into the world! Nancy wrote postcards along her journey at different stops. 

The Little Red Hen

For our home learning, we have been focusing on a story each week. This term our topic would have been 'Down on the Farm' so the story of the 'Little Red Hen' fitted in perfectly. Maple class have produced lots of lovely work based around this story. There have been colourful drawings and paintings of the little red hen, baking bread rolls, letters being written from the different characters in the story, some little red hen addition as well as the daily Phonics and Math's learning which is happening at home too. Well done Maple class (and parents!) for working so hard smiley
Nancy created her very own farm shop, writing her own labels for the shop too!

Fun activities!

There has been some lovely art happening at home, lots of painting and creating crafts. There has also been lots of role-playing at home too, including playing schools!
Patrick has been busy working alongside his daddy making a stool, learning how to use the saw safely smiley
Louis celebrated Shakespeare's birthday by watching 'Midsummers Night's Dream' on CBeebies! He then dressed up as the woodland fairy and acted out the story on Zoom to his grandparents with his family.
Mia has been busy writing a story independently for her brother, all about a world of candy - a place that also rains candies! She used her sound mat to help her to sound out the words and then underlined all of the tricky words in her story too smiley
Louis has got some new pets at home... caterpillars! He has been watching them grow, and has been talking about what they eat and what they look like. Louis then wrote a lovely piece of writing about them!
There has also been lots of colouring, lego building, jigsaws and science experiments!

Out and about!

Maple Class have also been making the most of the lovely sunshine! Spending time outdoors gardening, looking at flowers and even coming across mysterious skulls! Patrick wrote a letter to Steve Backshall, the TV nature presenter to ask him what it was.

The Three Little Pigs and The Gingerbread Man

Our theme for our home learning has been fairytales, looking at 'The Three Little Pigs' and 'The Gingerbread Man.' Maple Class have been creating some amazing models/drawings/writing (and even baking!) based around these stories.

Our Maths Learning

We have been focusing on 'adding more' in Math's this week. Patrick used his number-line to help him to add the numbers together.
We have also focused on 'repeated patterns.' Here are some lovely patterns that were created at home.

Our Phonics and Writing

We have also been practicing our phonics, writing and letter formations.
There have been some lovely activities happening at home. These include writing stories, practicing those tricky words and using our phonics to write sentences.
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