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Number 8


This week we have looked at number 7. Today we are going to look at 'one more' than 7, which is....... 8! Follow the link below which will take you to another Numberblocks episode, all about number 8. When you have watched the video, can you discuss with your mums, dads, brothers or sisters what happened in this episode? Eight is like a superhero, calling himself 'Octoblock!'

Can you think of any other words that begin with 'oct' (ie. octagon, octopus?)


Before you watch the video can you find some images or objects all about number 8? You could go on an 'eight treasure hunt' around your home. Here are a few examples below of things you can look at:

A spider

Playing card for eight


Octonaut characters (these are found on CBeebies!)

Building bricks of eight (can you build a tower with 8 blocks?)

Now you have watched the Numberblocks episode, here are some activities that you could have a go at. 

Can you design your own obstacle course in your garden, doing activities where you will need to count to 8? Maybe you could do '8 star jumps' or '8 hops?' Can you jog for 8 seconds? Can you jump up and down 8 times? Can you make your own hurdles, or long jumps using blocks? You could grab a clipboard and some paper too to help you to keep score. How could you record your score, could you draw the number 8? Could you draw lines, or circles? 


Another activity you could have a go at is making an octopus called a 'Socktonaut!' Octopuses have 8 legs! Follow the link below which will take you to the CBeebies website which will show you how to make them. You can also find below the guide for making a 'Socktonaut' too! Don't forget to upload them onto Tapestry for Mrs T and I to see! laughyes

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