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The composition of 8


Yesterday we looked at number 8! Did you make a soctonaut after meeting Numberblock 'Octoblock?' laugh

Below is today's Maths lesson, focusing on the composition of 8. Below the video is the activity for you to do today. If you don't have a printer, maybe you could make your very own ladybird and spots!

Composition of 8


We have been making our very own 'octoblocks!' Just like Octoblock from Numberblocks. We made sure to count the blocks carefully to make sure each octoblock had 8 blocks. We experimented with making our octoblocks in different ways and then stuck some eyes on to bring them to life! Can you make your own octoblocks at home? laugh
This octoblock even has his own house and a train that has been built for him. Maybe you could build a house for your octoblock too! smiley
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