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Number 10


Yesterday we looked at number 9. Today we are going to look at 'one more' than 9, which is...... 10. Today I would like you to watch another Numberblocks episode, where you will meet Numberblock number 10. After you have watched this, have a look at your hands and count your fingers. How do you count your fingers? Do you have all fingers down and move fingers up, or do you have all fingers up and move fingers down? Which way is easier? What else do we have ten of? (ie. toes).


Once you have counted your fingers can you bundle up/group collections of 10s? (ie. groups of 10 straws, 10 coins, 10 blocks, 10 counters). You could use your tens frames again to fill up with different objects! smiley


Now can you draw around your hands (including your fingers and thumbs!) Maybe you could draw around your feet and toes too. Can you then finger print or paint onto each finger to represent the colours of each number for each finger? laugh


If you would like an extra challenge or an activity, I have also attached below an activity from 'Numberblock Ten' - he would like you to fill in the missing numbers. If your mums and dads have PowerPoint downloaded onto their computers, you could also have a look at Numberblock 10's PowerPoint below too! Click to have a look! 


Have fun exploring number 10. yes

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