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This week we will be  

  • counting to 100
  • partitioning numbers (tens and ones)
  • comparing numbers 
  • using greater than/less than equals to


Continue to count in 2s, 5s and 10s with each lesson to support fluency.


As always, please make sure your child has access to resources they can use to support them. If we were in school we would be using dienes to represent the tens and ones (see picture). Instead of dienes you could use a straw to represent the tens and a piece of pasta to represent the ones. You could also draw sticks of 10s/1s (lines). Make sure the 10s are the same size and the ones are a lot smaller (this helps children to see that 10 is more than 1).     


Please note that we don't use the word units to represent the ones.        

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