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This week in maths we are continuing with our topic of fractions. Today, we will be progressing our learning of comparing and ordering fractions greater than 1. This will be finishing the second half of the sheet from Friday, so don’t worry if you think it looks the same, it is! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


For you reasoning and problem solving today, I would like to complete a practical task instead. Look around your house and make a list of different things you could split into fractions. Then come up with 3 of your own mathematical questions focusing on fractions, involving these objects.


For example:

I had 5 friends round for dinner. Jenny, Rob and Lisa decided to have pepperoni pizza. James and Sarah had margarita. At the end of the night I had half of the margarita pizza left, but no pepperoni. Who ate the most pizza?

Compare and order fractions more than 1

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