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This document contains a daily task that requires children to practise written and mental skills. 

I encourage children to start their 'maths time' with this as a starter. 

This week we are going to be revisiting using Roman Numerals.

Below are links to websites that might help.


Extra Activity

Can you design and create a poster to remind yourself of the rules for using Roman Numerals?



On a Friday I am planning to upload a problem solving task.

We have talked about different ways to solve a problem so remember to use the skills you have.

Once you have read the problem you might like to:


  • Read the problem again
  • Act it out
  • Use equipment- in class this may be counters but it can be anything you find at home
  • Draw a diagram or picture 
  • Have a guess and then check
  • If you get stuck, it's alright. 

Multiplication colouring - just for fun!

Thursday's Task

The second sheet of the task uses trickier numbers. Please do not worry if you can not complete.
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