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Before Christmas we were looking at numbers to 5, using our school's 'Math's Mastery' approach. For today's Maths we are going to remind ourselves of number 5 by looking at the Maths lesson from 'Oak National Academy' below. After watching the video can you then complete the Maths task below. There is a part on the video that says you will need a 'printed worksheet.' If you wanted to take part in this activity on the video the worksheet is below, but please don't worry if you don't have access to a printer, the main task for today is below.
At the end of the lesson, it looks at how we write the numeral '5' as well representing number 5 in different ways. Can you practise writing number 5 yourself carefully with paints? You could use paints or you could use felt tips or coloured pencils. You could practise writing number 5 really BIG or really small. Can you then create your own poster about number 5 like in the video, drawing pictures to represent number 5? Maybe you could draw 5 flowers, 5 buzzy bees, 5 dinosaurs.. or 5 dots or 5 lines, whatever you like! Remember to carefully count your pictures to make sure you have drawn 5 things. Maybe you could then practise counting 5 things from around your home to 5. Remember to upload your '5 posters' if you can to Tapestry, I would love to see them!
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