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Number 'Six'

Today we are moving on to number 6 where we will look at all things 'six!' Hopefully you have watched the Numberblocks video which was sent to mum's and dad's via a link through Tapestry. If not the link can be found below. Can you talk about the episode to your mum's and dad's? What did you notice in the episode? Talk to your mum's and dad's (or brothers and sisters!) about the episode and what you have noticed.

Above is an eye spy game for you to play, can you find all the things that shows number 6? Can you do an eye spy game in your home looking for number 6? Can you count out 6 objects, you could find 6 sticks in the garden or 6 stones or 6 leaves! Maybe you have 6 teddies! Can you spot the numeral 6 on your telephones or on doors when you go out for a walk? I would love to see what you have found! Please ask mum's and dad's to upload what you have found onto Tapestry, Mrs T and I would love to see!

In the episode the Numberblocks were playing games with a dice. Can you look at the pictures below and recognise what number it is without counting? This is called 'subitising' and is an important skill in developing 'number sense. Below are some images of dice with different amounts of dots on. Can you look at these pictures and recognise how many dots their are without counting? See if you can impress your mum's and dad's with this impressive 'subitising' skill! smiley

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