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Number 6 


At the moment, our number we are looking at is number 6. I hope you were able to watch the video link that was sent to you via Tapestry. If not the link is below for you to access smiley 



In the video there are lots of moments to pause the video and carry out the activities, please carry out these activities as you watch the Maths lesson smiley  afterwards can you have a go at writing number 6? Below is a special rhyme you could say to help you when writing this number. If you would like an extra task can you write all of the numbers from 1 - 6? Can you write the numbers in the right order? If your mum's and dad's have post it notes at home (or pieces of paper) can you ask them to write numbers 1 - 6 on each one and then see if you can put the numbers into the right order? 
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