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Number 7

Recently we have been focusing on numbers 1 - 6. You have been doing some amazing adding and taking away last week too! Today we are going to look at 'one more than 6' which is 7. Follow the link below to find the Numberblocks episode, where you can meet 'numberblock 7.' 

Can you have your own indoor picnic? Can you find 7 teddies (or maybe 7 dinosaurs if you have lots of dinosaur toys to have the picnic with you). Can you count out 7 bits of food for them? (ie. 7 grapes, 7 crisps, 7 biccies). Can you use your tens frame to count out counters to number 7? How many empty squares do you have left on your tens frame?


For an extra challenge can you count out and make different groups of objects from around your home. Can you collect 7 objects and make different groups of 7? Can you make collections of other groups that aren't 7? How could you check to see if their was one more or one less than 7 objects?

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