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Mon 11th

Good Morning and welcome to Week 6 of lessons at home.


I hope you had a good weekend and found time to do some of the tasks set last week. You still have time to submit your ideas for our PATINA avatar to Mary before Tuesday 12th - so if you haven't yet watched the video, make sure you do. It is in the PATINA section of our class webpage and is called Our Class Theme with Mary.


We are returning to Street Child for a few days, to give you time to collect some cuttings, pictures, photographs and drawings of the Lockdown. These will go in your Time Capsule later this week. I've started collecting and below is a picture of some of my favourite things so far. You don't need to do anything with your collection yet, just start looking for things that either make a statement, are visually impressive or important, or you think will be interesting in ten years' time. They can come from newspapers, magazines, pictures from the internet or pictures you have drawn. 


The final thing I need to say is this should have been our SATs week! Now some of you will be relieved and some of you will be sad to be missing them. I don't have access to the papers we should have sat but I will attach last year's paper each day on the day that subject would have been sat (along with the answer sheet next day). This is TOTALLY optional and just if you fancy trying them!

The maths activities this week continue with fractions. Each day there is an overview page and a link to a video from WhiteRose. Nothing needs to be printed. The method they use matches the way I taught in class so they are really worth watching before you do the task. The English is a mixture of Street Child and the Time Capsule. 

Have fun today! 

Mrs Head




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