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Good Morning Oak Class! 

Welcome to our final term of the school year. For some of you, you will be getting ready to return to school next week, for others we will continue to keep in touch on-line. But however you will be joining Oak Class this term, we will try and make sure we have some fun. 

This week's work sees the end of Street Child. As well as finishing reading the story we will be looking at who Doctor Barnado was and what he did. We will also learn something quite fascinating about Jim Jarvis.  

In maths we are going to continue with White Rose. The content of the lessons has taken a jump up so if you are somebody who has not been using this resource, do give it a go. I am also continuing to post the Mixed Maths Challenges each day. AS I have said before, these are particularly useful for keeping all aspects of your maths learning fresh. There is nothing in them that we haven't covered but they are at times challenging and you will need to think carefully about how this year's learning fits the questions. 

If you haven't made your PATINA avatar yet you still have a few days left. The deadline is the 6th of June to email your video or photograph in. All of the information about what to do is in the video on our class web page called, How to Make Your Avatar With Mary. 


A quick update on my tomatoes ... I am very excited ... they are going red! 


Back to today's White Rose maths. Below are some notes I made when I watched the video: you may find them useful. The video is then posted below. 


This is an area we didn’t fully cover before lockdown. The lesson looks at the connection between fractions and percentages. We have looked at both in isolation but not in mixed problems. The video explains it very clearly and I suggest you pause it where it asks and do the tasks. The activity sheet can be done without printing it although you may need to explain in words what you would have coloured on the 100 grid. The image we used in class was Ethan crying when the numerator and denominator where not treated fairly! See if you can work out where I would have used this image as you watch the video. 


I am planning to rearrange the furniture in our room on either Monday or Tuesday. I'll send you a picture when I've finished! Hope you all have a lovely day. 

Mrs Head


White Rose Fractions to percentages

Fractions to percentages video to watch before doing the activity sheet.

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