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This week we are going to be learning about poems and the clever things we use in poems to make them sound amazing.

Today we are going to learn about alliteration.

This is when we use words with the same letter, or sound, at the beginning. For example; the big, brown bear.

I have provided you with some pictures, can you try and come up with some alliterative sentences for them? 

I've also included a game to help you understand laugh


Today we are going to practise our 5 times tables. Remember use things around the house or drawings to help you if you need to. I've included an extra challenge if you want to give it a go yes


I've also included another Minute Maths sheet that you could use over the next two days. In class we time a minute and see how many we can do. Whilst you're at home you could carry on timing a minute or just see if you can work through it. 


Todays STEM activity -

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