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Good morning and welcome back!


I hope you are all well and had a lovely Easter. It feel very strange that this is the start of a new term and we are not arriving at school. 


I hope you don't mind, but I am trying a different layout this week. If you have feedback of what you prefer, please email @office.


It has been lovely to hear from some of you and I look forward to receiving work to display in the Class Gallery. Please do forward work with your parents permission for it to be displayed in our gallery. 


Take care, Mrs Lewis blush





This week we are going to revisit adding and subtracting. 

I have attached the 'Fluent in Five' Monday's activity. As I have said, you might like to start your 'maths' time with this. I have been enjoying these very much and I am going to start our maths lessons with these when we are back at school. 

Remember to use Times Table Rock Stars as practising your multiplication facts are very important. 


English - Writing 

Over the week, we are going to draft and publish a diary entry. Each day I am going to set a task that will lead up to a final piece of writing. 


English - Reading

I am continuing to read The Fire Maker's Daughter. Remember that if you do not have have a copy, please look in the general reading folder for activities to complete. 

I think I may have a different copy to most of you. Sorry if my page numbers have been wrong to you. I will not use them from now on laugh



  • What’s a ‘ransom’?
  • What are ‘cannibals’?
  • What is ‘melancholy’?
  • What does ‘rebuked’ mean?

Please now read chapter 3. You may choose to do this on your own or with an adult. 

English- Spelling

This week we are going to focus on words from the Y3 & 4 Spelling List and using apostrophes for possession.

Please use the spelling menu to practise the words below. 

  • appear
  • accidentally
  • address
  • bicycle
  • arrive
  • believe
  • answer
  • actually
  • actual


Spelling Frame also have online games to support this learning.

Topic - Art

In our writing task this week we are creating a diary entry to record 'Life Under Lockdown'.

This week for topic work you might like to create a piece of art to go with your diary entry. You can choose whether to paint or draw and what you draw is completely up to you but it needs to represent 'Life Under Lockdown'. 


You might like to draw:

  • A portrait of the people you are living with
  • A view of where you have been 'Home Learning'
  • The activities you have been completing while you are at home




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