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Dear Willow Class, 


Hello everyone, it's Mrs Knight here!  I hope that you are all keeping safe and well at home. It's very strange to not be in school, but I hope that you are finding new and creative ways to spend your time at home. 


For this term I will be helping Mrs Stonehouse to plan and set you some activities to do on Mondays. I would love to see what you've been doing at home so do feel free to send me some pictures if you'd like to.


Over the last few weeks I have set myself the challenge of learning Italian, I've been playing the piano, baking lots of cakes and I even managed to have a virtual singing lesson with my singing teacher! I do hope you've been trying new things too. 


I look forward to being in contact on Mondays and I look forward to seeing your faces in person when we are able to. 


Love Mrs Knight  xxx


Today we are going to remind ourselves of what a ‘noun’ is. A noun is a person, a place or a thing. You can put a, an or the in front of them in a sentence.


1. Alphabet race noun challenge –

Our topic is ‘Food Glorious Food’ and we are going to use this to help us with our noun search today. All items of food are nouns as they are ‘things’ that we can touch and eat.


Can you think of an item of food for every letter in the alphabet? Here are some examples A…apple B…banana C…carrot. Can you keep going? To make it more challenging set a timer and see how fast you can fill in the alphabet!


2. Does it fit? –

See if you can work out which words in the list below are nouns and which ones are not. The nouns should fit into one of these two sentences. The words that aren’t nouns won’t!

The _________ is great

The _________ were great

List of words to try:

fish, group, huge, stole, cars, question, branch, party, angry, hard, sun, laptop, potato, stars, shirt, scissors, following, missing, bird, wave.


English Challenge - Noun detective – Can you spot all the nouns and underline them from this piece of text from ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’?

As you’re reading at home today can you spot the nouns as you’re reading? How many can you find? Create a list of nouns that you spot.


Additional Game to play to search for nouns – ‘I Spy’ – Start by playing with only things that you can see. What about varying this and thinking about things you might see in different places like…at the park, at the zoo, something you find in the town, something in the countryside…etc.


Choose a times table fact that you need to practise. How many different ways can you show this fact?

Use the sheet to help you show the multiplication fact in a variety of different ways. Show it as an array, as repeated addition, in a number sentence, in groups of objects! Can you show it in all the different ways? You might want to use small objects to help you like beads, pasta, cereal etc.

I was unable to print my sheet, so I created my own instead. I used marshmallows and pine nuts! Here is a picture of my times table fact sheet.

You could repeat this several times with facts that you need to practise!

Maths Challenge: Have a go at trying the White Rose Maths problem of the day…

Colour Collecting

Pick a colour and then go from room to room hunting down as many things as you can which are said colour. Put them together and have fun arranging them and rearranging them on a flat surface.

Can you lay them all out going from smallest item to biggest?

Can you display them so that it goes from the lightest yellow to the darkest yellow?

Can you balance all the items up and make a tower out of them? Write down or talk about the things you love about this colour. What does the colour make you think or feel? Is it a happy colour, a sad colour, an angry colour? Why?

Maybe take a picture of all of your items and try and make it look like a piece of art!

The most important part…can you put ALL of your colour items back where you found them?

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