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Good morning everyone,

I can not believe it is another start of the week and I hope you all had lovely weekends. I am in school this week, so I will try and share what we are up to. 

Keep safe,

Mrs Lewis


This week we are going to have a go at learning something new. 

Please read the help sheet before starting the task sheet. Please email @ office you have any questions laugh  or if you want to share your learning. Please do not worry if you find anything tricky. Everything will be looked at again once we are all back in school. 

If you need to leave this learning, that is absolutely fine. There are lots of places that you can find maths challenges. You can use your Classroom Secrets login and there are ideas on our general maths resources.

English - Writing

This week we are going to continue a story, but we are going to challenge ourselves to think about the audience and purpose of the story.  


Today's challenge is to get our brains working creatively. 

Hanging On

English - Spelling

This week are focusing on:

Adding suffixes beginning with vowel letters to words of more than one syllable (‘-ing’, ‘-er’, ‘-en’, ‘-ed’).


Please use the spelling menu to help you practice adding the above suffixes. You will find that not all suffixes can be added. 

  • corner
  • fasten
  • awake
  • forget
  • begin
  • garden
  • prefer
  • limit

Spelling Rule 1 on Spelling Frame will help you to learn this rule.

English - Reading

Today's task is to use our vocabulary skills.

Please find out what these words mean. Can you put them into a sentence?

  • commotion
  • frivolous
  • pummelled
  • billowing 


Please read chapter four. 

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