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Morning Chestnuts,

I hope you are all safe and well and managed to enjoy the sunshine this weekend. This week in English we are going to be story writing, so we can all look forward to being imaginative and creative.

In maths, we are going to move into new learning. We are going to focus on subtraction. Please do not worry if you find anything tricky as I will go over this again once we are back together. 

Importantly from me, just remember to challenge yourself but only do as much as you can. 

Thankyou Chestnuts, for the lovely emails and pictures you have sent, these will shortly be on this weeks gallery.

Mr Gates


Flat Stanley, Chapter 4

So,this week we will continue reading chapter 4. Below are some questions that you can discuss with your parents as you read together and then write some answers to them. 

  • What is the difference between cheerful and gloomy?
  • What is ‘sneakery’?
  • What word shows you the thieves had arrived?


Below are words form the statutory spelling list. Choose one of the tasks from the spelling activities attached to help you learn the. Good luck!

Accident, peculiar, possession, calendar, promise, recent, regular, height, height, imagine

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