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Lesson 5 - Step 2 - Find a half (2)

This is "Lesson 5 - Step 2 - Find a half (2)" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Today you will be finding half of an amount. 

Make sure you use counters of some sort to help you find half. 




Children explore finding a half for the first time using sets of objects.

It is important that children find the total amount and can then show how this number can be shared equally into two.

Use of concrete manipulatives such as counters can help children to find a half.

Encourage them to use the vocabulary ‘half’ and ‘whole’.

Children will not at this stage use the fractional notation of 1/2
It is important that they know that a half means ‘one of two equal parts’ and are able to count them.



Maths talk to support you child:

How can we find half of an amount?
How many groups do we need to share our beads between?
How can you check that you have found half?
How many equal parts should you have when you have split the objects in half?
How many halves make a whole?

How do you know if you have split the counters in half? 


The additional challenge is for children who find halves confidently.

Explain the challenge but then encourage your child/ren to complete it independently. 


Point to note: If your child finds any of the lessons this week challenging then continue with each lesson until they are more confident. Do this by providing a range of counting resources that can be split into 2 (half) quarters (4).    

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