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Today we are going to remind ourselves of what an adjective is. An adjective describes something or somebody. It adds extra information to a noun or completes a verb. Here are you activities...


Multiplication flowers

These are such a beautiful way to learn your times tables.

  • You start off writing the number of the times table in the centre. Start with your 2 times table, then your 5s. If you’re up for a challenge why don’t you try your 3 times table too! 
  • Then you draw 12 small leaves all the way round. Label them 1-12
  • Lastly, draw bigger leaves coming out from the small leaves to write the answers in.
  • You could even cut out the flowers and stick some green paper on to make the stem and leaves.
  • Get someone to challenge you on your times table facts out of order. As a challenge, could you test yourself on the division facts for this times table?

Maths Challenge: Can you solve the Whiterose problem of the day?


Your extra activity for today is scribble art. Here are the instructions...

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