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As part of your learning today go out into the garden and see if you can spot any bees.


Be careful not to get too close or scare them as they may have a stinger. 


If you are really careful you might be able to get a photo of them.


Did you spot any on the identification sheet?

Did you see any different ones?  

Today you are going to find out about honey bees.


  • look at the information and film clips on the PowerPoint
  • label the honey bee body parts
  • challenge: add some detail about two of the body parts    



When opening the PowerPoint make sure you click open, enable editing and then slide show. There are links attached to the PowerPoint like videos and other information that you can only access when it is opened in slide show mode.

Each body part of the bee has information about it when you click on the number next to each body part.    

If your child/ren is a confident reader then let them read the information themselves but if not, read it to them.


Follow up activity: Your child/ren can complete the labelling activity I have provided or draw their own honey bee and label the body parts.  


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