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Today, we are focussing on the end of our story. I have given you some ideas of how to end your story. Enjoy being creative and enjoy writing a lovely end to your story.

Flat Stanley, Chapter 5

To kick off our reading this week, your task is to read chapter 5 and to answer the two questions below.   

What does, 'skip it mean?' 

What is a rummage?



Prefixes, 'super' and 'auto'

Task 1. Using the words below explain what a prefix is?

Task 2. Ask a parent to show you each of these words below. Write each one of then down and then have a go at explaining to your helper what they mean. 

automatic, autograph, superman, superstar, autopilot, autonomy, superior, autobiography, autofocus, supernatural, superficial


This week we are continuing to subtract using the column method.

We've had 6 1 2 7 7 visitors
Open Day sessions for new Reception parents: 15th November (1:15), 24th November (9:15), 24th November (6:30), 5th January (9:45). Please contact the school office to book a place.