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Today you will be finding and making number bonds to 20.



Children will use their knowledge of number bonds to 10 to find number bonds to 20.

Using examples such as, 7 + 3, 17 + 3 or 7 + 13 encourages children to see the link between bonds to 10 and bonds to 20 and reinforces their understanding of place value.


Make sure video is watched carefully and it is paused for as long as needed to support your child/ren to understand their learning.

Ensure there are resources that can be used for counting.

Encourage your child to draw a tens frame to help them too.

If possible resources that are two colours would be helpful as this helps children to identify the two numbers on the tens frame more easily.   


Maths Talk 
What strategy could you use to make sure you find all the number bonds?
What number bond can we see? How does this help us find the number bond to 20? 
How does knowing your number bonds to 10 help you to work out your number bonds to 20?


Reasoning challenge is for children who are feeling confident with their learning.  




tens frame

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