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Hello Willow Class, 


I hope that you had a good weekend. Today I've planned a Maths decoding investigation, some work around verbs and a game to test your memory. I hope that you enjoy them. I really love seeing photos of what you've been doing so do feel free to email me if you would like to. 


This week I have been doing some sewing, jigsaw puzzles and making more cake for my husband and sister, who is living with us at the moment. I hope that you are finding fun new things to do at home in this time. 


Love Mrs Knight 


Kim’s game

This is a game which helps to build your memory and remember details!

  1. Collect about 20 small, memorable or obscure objects and place them together in a group.
  2. Set a timer and look intently at all the objects for one minute.
  3. Cover up the objects with something so you can’t see them e.g. a sheet/tea towel/scarf.
  4. How many items can you remember from your group of 20?
  5. If you manage all 20 – can you try again and this time add more?

You could even involve other members of your family to play and see who can remember the most items.

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