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Good morning,

I hope you had a great weekend. Yesterday, I went for a lovely, long bike ride and I saw two of our class! It was lovely to see you... you know who you arewink. I hope you enjoy the learning for this week. 

English - Writing

This week your task is to write a letter to say thank you to someone who has helped your or your family through this  extraordinary time. 

Today's task is to think about what saying thank you means and why we say it.

You are then to create a thought shower listing all those you could thank and then giving reasons why. I have included my mind map, which is a work in progress, as this may help get you started. You can see, I have written a list of people around my thank you of those I would like to say thank you to.

Next I have focused on my local shopkeeper. I have spidered around the shopkeeper, with my reasons for thanks. Mine has only one example. You are to repeat for all those you would like to thank.


This week we are learning about fractions. We are continuing to follow White Rose as they have devised a plan to lead us up to the end of the school year. Please use the video before starting the sheet and watch again if needed. I do like White Rose but they can make big jumps, so do not worry if you find something tricky. 

Fluency in Five has now changed to Flashback 4. It's the same idea, but looks different. These question are there to help you keep previous learning alive in your brain. If you find a questions tricky, don't worry!

What is a fraction

English - Spelling

This week our focus will be: Words with the /s/ sound spelt ‘sc’ (Latin in origin)

Please use the Spelling Menu to help you learn this rule or you can use Spelling Frame (rule 18). The list below are suggested words as you may find others:

  • science
  • scene
  • abscess
  • scissors
  • ascend
  • scented
  • descend
  • crescent 

Please look up any words that you do not know. 

English - Reading

Vocabulary skills

  • What does ‘scrupulous’ mean?
  • What does ‘trundled’ mean?
  • What is a ‘palanquin’?

Please read chapter 7.

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We warmly invite prospective parents to our open morning on Friday 6th January 9.30-11.30