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English - Thank You Letter

This week your task is to write a letter to say thank you to someone who has helped your or your family through this  extraordinary time. 

Today's task is to think about what saying thank you means and why we say it.

You are then to create a thought shower listing all those you could thank and then giving reasons why. I have included my mind map, which is a work in progress, this may help get you started. You can see, I have written a list of people around my thank you of those I would like to say thank you to, and then I have focussed on my local shopkeeper. I have spidered around the shopkeepr, with my reasons for thanks. Mine has only one example. You are to repeat for all those you would like to thank.


Attached is the list of words we are aiming to learn in year 3.

Your task is to choose 10 words to learn this week and each day choose one of the spelling activities to help you learn your chosen 10 words. 

Carrie's War

Over the last couple of weeks we have been listening to Carrie's War. Mr G has been making a (deliberate......honest! frown)  error with the punctuation  of the title. Did you spot it? Clue, today it is correct. 

Today your task is to listen to chapter 3 and to complete the attached task (from the BBC). The task asks you to think about the meaning behind what people say, and what the characters might be thinking or feeling.


This week we are going to learn about money and revisit the times tables that we have focused on this year. We are now following White Rose as they have devised a series of online lessons that will take us up to the end of the school year. They are a fantastic resource, however please remember to watch the video before you complete the sheet. Also, if you are finding it tricky, please watch the video again. 

Convert pounds and pence

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