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Dear WIllow Class, 


I hope that you have had a lovely half term break. I have been enjoying the sunshine and being in my garden. I have been planting all sorts of plants and seeds and watching them grow. 


Today we will be looking at our subtracting skills, what a sentence is, and I've found a fun activity for you to send a hug in the post to someone! I hope that you have a super day. 


Love from Mrs Knight xxx


Today we are going to have a look at different types of sentences.


Today we are going to practice our subtracting skills. Have a go at one or all of these Maths activities below. Don’t worry if you don’t get through all of them. Why don’t you have a look and choose which sorts of questions might be suitable for you to try today.

1. Numberline subtraction under 20 –

As a warmup use the numberline to help check whether you have subtracted correctly to work out your answer.


2. Under 20 challenge –

Choose a number under 20. Give yourself 1 minute on a timer. How many subtraction number sentences can you write with the answer being your chosen number using numbers under 20? How can you make sure you’ve got all of them? Try and be systematic in your answers, like this:

I chose the number 4

4 can be made in all of these way 20 – 16, 19 – 15, 18 – 14 etc.

Why don’t you repeat this several times with different numbers to challenge yourself?


3. Subtraction of 1 digit from 2 digits –

Can you have a go at filling in the sheet with your answers. Remember that you can draw pictures of base 10 (tens and ones) and take them away or a numberline to help you when you’re subtracting.


4. Card game subtraction - race to 0

If you have a pack of cards at home here is a fun way you can use them to help your subtraction skills. You could even make your own cards if you don’t have a pack.

  • For this game you can either remove the face cards or you can include them to represent the following numbers Jack – 11, Queen – 12, King – 13 Ace – 0
  • Shuffle the deck and place it face down in the middle of the playing area. Establish how many turns each player is going to have (the less people playing, the fewer number of turns will be necessary – try 15 to start with!)
  • The object of the game is to get to zero first, exactly. To begin, each player starts on 100. Then player one draws a card and places it face up in front of them. They then take away the value of that card from their starting value.
  • Players take turns drawing cards. On each turn they subtract the new value to their previous score. Any player who is not able to subtract to exactly zero is out of the game!  
  • The first player to reach exactly 0 wins. Or, after all cards are drawn, the player with a score closest to 0 without going over wins.


Maths Challenge: Can you solve the Whiterose problem of the day?

Mail a hug!

We are all missing someone at the moment. Why don’t you mail them a hug? This could either be sent through the post or popped through someone’s letter box or even given to someone in your home who might need a little something to make them smile today. It’s a simple activity, but it can really brighten someone’s day. You could even write them a letter to go along with it.

What you will need: a long piece of paper (or a few bits of paper stuck together in a long strip), a pencil, colouring equipment/things to decorate your hug with.

  1. Roll out your piece of paper and lie down so that your arms are outstretched and your head and shoulders are also on the paper.
  2. Get someone else to trace around your head, arms and torso with a pencil.
  3. Colour in/paint/decorate your hug inside the pencil line.
  4. Using the pencil line, cut out your hug.
  5. Write a little message to go with your hug, explaining what it is.
  6. Fold your hug up, pop it in an envelope and send it/give it to someone who might need one today.
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