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Hello Beech Class

I hope you have all had a lovely week, enjoying the sunshine and spending time with your families. I can not really believe that it is June 1st, the first day of Term 6 and we are still all working apart from each other! Some days I feel that I have settled into the routine of this bizarre situation and on others, I feel like it is all a dream that I will wake up from.

Last week, I was clearing out a cupboard in my bedroom and I came across a box of diaries that I had written over the years. It was fascinating reading them and being reminded of things that had happened to me at different times in my life. Several hours passed and strangely, the cupboard STILL needs tidying! I have decided to keep a diary about this strange time so that in years to come, I might find them and remember how these days feel.

Some of you might want to do the same. You don't need anything fancy; just a piece of paper and pen/pencil. You can write as much as you want to (some days more than others) and it can be as detailed as you wish. You might write about things that you do or about how you are feeling. The best thing is that you are not writing this for anybody else. You are your own audience and nobody will judge you on how this writing looks or sounds and spelling does not matter.


I was very excited on Saturday when I watched the launch of the latest rocket, taking two astronauts to The International space Station. It was fascinating to be 'inside' with them as they headed into space. Did any of you see it? It was even more exciting on Saturday evening when I actually saw the Space Station passing over in the night sky.


I am still working my way through all of your fabulous stories. Thank you to everyone who has sent them to me. I have also been thrilled to see your life cycle work and your Ancient Greece pieces. I will get them all into the gallery eventually. Please keep sending work and pictures to me and telling me what you are up to.


I have posted today's work below. As always, tackle this at your own pace. I will add work each day and you need to work through in order. Some of you will complete everything today and some of you will carry things over to tomorrow and beyond. Either way is fine.


Stay safe, well and kind. Fingers crossed we will all see each other before too much longer.


Mrs Kerrigan

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