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Today you are going to create a story map to help you retell the story The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Remember story maps contain mainly pictures and just the odd word. Once you have drawn your story map retell the story to an adult in your house.  


If you would like to change Sophie and use yourself as the character then do .  


Your will need: 

  •  a piece of plain paper folded into 9 squares 
  • in each square write the numbers 1 - 9 



In each square you will draw a picture to sequence the story. Have a look at mine for some ideas. 


Draw in square:

1. Sophie and Mummy at the table. 

2. The knock on the door. 

3. Tiger appearing a the door. 

4. Sophie offering the tiger some tea and cake. 

5. A picture of the empty fridge and cupboard. 

6. Tiger drinking all the water from the tap. 

7. Mum cross at the mess. 

8. Sophie sad next to the bath because all the water has gone. 

9. Dad asking Sophie if she would like to go to the Cafe for tea. 




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