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Create A Superhero Comic Strip


Superhero Comic strip

This week, your task is to write and illustrate a comic strip about a superhero that you are going to create. Later in the week you are going to bring your Super Hero to life.

Today’s task is to really get under the green skin or bat mask of our superhero’s and think about what makes them tick……or, perhaps even, what they like to eat……. 

Question time!

Can you recognise each of the characters?

What do you think each of them do on a daily basis?

What do you think each of their favourite foods might be?

What do you think each of the characters are really like?

Perfect picture!

Can you draw the perfect lunch for superheroes? Think carefully about what they would eat.



Like last week choose 10 words to learn from our year three words and one of the activities form the spelling sheet to help you learn those words.


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