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Write decimals

English - Spelling 

This week we are going to focus on adding prefixes to a root word. You may remember learning about some of these in Year 3 and earlier in Year 4.  We are going to revise:

‘un-’, ‘dis-’, ‘in-’, ‘re-’, ‘sub-’, ‘inter-’, ‘super-’, ‘anti-’, ‘auto-’

Please match the correct prefix to the root word.

For example: 



Please check the words you make are correct.

English - Writing 
I have put the details of the task in a separate document. Please read this before watching the video.

Once in a Lifetime


I have attached an interesting article about the Three Peak Challenge. Please spend today reading the article. You might do this on your own or with some one. Please make sure you understand each word you are reading. You can use a dictionary to help you. 

I have included questions which you can answer tomorrow. The questions use the reading skills that we have been using. 


This term we would have been learning about the puffins that live on the island of Burhou and Alderney.

The below website has a live webcam where you can watch the puffins. 


This week I would like you to research about puffins. What interesting facts can you find out? I have attached a question sheet to get you started. 



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